Dialer Termination

Contact Center & Dialer Termination with premium quality voice

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It has been seemingly difficult for VoIP termination carriers to facilitate clients with high level dialer traffic having low average call duration, and high short duration percentage, because it tends to over burden the network and affects other users on the same platform. To cater to this gap in the industry, Telcast Networks decided to engineer a fresh platform for all its client aiming to manage high-volume dialer traffic. A separate platform to handle average low call duration and high short duration percentage (SDP) allows Telcast Networks to offer the most competitive rates in the industry without compromising quality even one bit.

Telcats Networks wants its clients to rapidly grow their business, increase their footprint, and achieve their goals without worrying about dialer termination issues. Our large extensive interconnected network is designed to provide the best of quality for voice and termination, and is offered for both carriers and business.

Key Features

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We support our clients who have low average call duration and high short duration percentage (SDP) with our state of the art technology. You will never have incomplete, or dropped calls with Telcast Networks

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Telcast Networks aims to offer the most competitive rates to its clients, without compromising on its quality and reliability

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Telcast Networks puts no limitations on the volumes of dialer traffic

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Telcast Networks Offers NPA-NXX or flat rate pricing

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24/7 support with an internationally spread network to facilitate all through its well trained team

Backed by multiple codecs


High CPS & ASRs

No hidden fee/penalty on short duration calls

No grey routes

Daily report generation through its real-time dashboard feature

Offering both prepaid and post pay services

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