Voice Broadcasting

The Telcast Networks Voice broadcasting solution is a perfect tool to reach out to your customers with great speed. It allows you to send multiple phone calls as part of your marketing campaign at a very high speed, by just uploading the contact list and scheduling calls as per your business need. Through Telcast Networks voice broadcasting solution, you can send product updates, generate live leads by connecting the customers directly to call center agents, and send in emergency notifications.

By just uploading a contact list once, you can schedule your marketing campaign which will help you deliver your message to your desired target audience, and that too at a high speed.

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How it works?

The software calls your contact list and plays your marketing/ advertising message with an option of press-1, so that your customer can be directly connected with your call center agent by pressing 1, and your agent can take care of it from there on. If the contact does not answer to your call, the software provides the flexibility to alter your message when an answering machine is on the other side. Along with choosing the best time of calling as per your choice, you can also schedule the number of calls per second to have a control over the frequency ofcalling.

Key Features of Telcast Networks Voice Broadcasting Software

Live lead-generation

With Telcast Networks voice broadcasting solution, you can call your prospects, deliver your message, and provide them with an option of press-1. This process connects your contact to your call center agent, which in-turn connects the customer to your business directly. Best way to achieve your marketing and sales goals in the cheapest way


Send awareness messages to your existing clients or new prospects regarding your products and services through a pre-recorded message or a text speech of your choice

Phone Polling, Surveys and Voting

The software helps you not only dial millions of calls, but also record your customers opinions by carrying out a market research survey. Make them press a key in response to an IVR, and record the results for analysis later on

Dynamic Caller ID

A better way to increase engagement is by setting up a CallerID to the location of your contacts to give it a more localized feel

Email for Every Press-1 Transfer

The moment your customer will press-1 for a transfer of call, you will receive the information of that particular contact, audio recordings, and transcript of the recordings.

Multi Transfer

With Telcast Networks broadcasting solution, you can now set-up upto 20 numbers as transfer options for your contact. Gone are the days when there was only one transfer option was available. The multi transfer function offers number options for polling, event RSVPs, feedback, and more.

Speed Up or Slow Down a Press-1 Campaign

Delays in service can be a major destroyer to your business goals. Telcast Networks solution makes you control the frequency of the incoming calls as per your desire. You don’t want your leads to be waiting in the queue, nor would you want your agents waiting for calls, so analyze what works for you best, and alter the call frequency even in between a campaign for all simultaneous calls of press-1 function

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